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Quality control is an essential component of Textra’s production.

Guarantee our commitment , liability, and awareness of evaluation is the heart of Textra product.
Hundred per cent of the printed fabrics is exclusively checked inside by qualified staff.
Each meters of fabric and the detailed reports of every single despatched roll are kept in a database for a period of more than one year after production,plus a reference of each production lot goes into an historical archive for 1 year.
Everything is rigorously controlled and tested by the expertise of our team,which grants reliable results.
Furthermore, physical samples, continuity cards of each production lot are kept for the same period of time in a historical archive.



SERI.CO is a registered brand and synonymous of a quality certification process.
Strict product fabric specifications ensure proper behavior to both mechanical stress of use and to maintenance treatments.
The trademark SERI.CO guarantees the ecological value and makes sure that the fabric does not contain or release harmful substances to the health of consumers.
SERI.CO integrates a part of ISO certification as ISO 9000 – ISO 14000 – SA 8000.
Our company is committed to maintain a proper social behaviour in order to face and contrast copying, uncertified licenses, trademarks counterfeiting and the use of false statements.
Textra follows a correct control practice of all form of environmental impact: air, water and soil.


A laboratory located in the printing plants enables daily tests and pre-tests for sampling and production. 

The central lab “Tessile di Como”, which we have an agreement with, tests every production lot and makes specific research in order to find technical innovative solutions.